little things no. 1

There’s a lot about self-care going around, more rampant now especially during the pandemic. Things like meditating, yoga, pamper sessions, and eating well are just some of those that I’ve commonly seen—even I’ve shared a lot about these. But today I wanted to share other little things that I feel can contribute to self-care that aren’t usually discussed in articles. I call these little things because you don’t usually think they play a part of everyday stressors or add to the load of what you take in, but they do.

I’ve applied and have been practicing these for a while now, and I can say that they’ve really helped in reducing unnecessary stress and noise. Sometimes you just have to look into the little things of your everyday, prioritize and decide on what matters, and learn to let go of those that don’t add value. Sometimes you just need to organize the little things to change your perspective and disposition. These can make unexpected, major changes in your everyday that you’d never expect, because as far as you’re concerned, they were just little things.

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