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I am a huge fan of makeup and girls who can manage to draw up a good brow. But sometimes the foundation, contouring, highlighting and lining just don’t cut it, and no matter how much makeup you put on, it isn’t enough to hide the blemishes, eyebags and unwanted marks on your skin. Sometimes I feel that girls who try to hide their marks with makeup might actually look better with the blemish showing through, and the layers of foundation and powder and primer just work against trying to look good.

I personally am guilty of this at times because I can’t stand to see pimples and allergies on my skin. Since I have eczema, I would occasionally have red hickey looking marks on the side of my face, my chest and on my back. I sometimes opt to wear lower necklines that reveal the marks and I (used to) try to hide it with a bit of foundation. I knew this was just going to make the situation worse, so I tried to find a way to fix it. Same goes with the blemishes on my face.

Here are my go-to’s when it comes to skin care

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bits of: silang, cavite

A lot of us often make trips to Tagaytay to enjoy the cool air, relax at a rest house, eat at some of the known restaurants like Breakfast at Antonio’s, Antonio’s Fine Dining and Sonya’s Garden, or just to make a quick trip out of the city. It’s not so much of a burden making the trip since it takes less than two hours to get there from Alabang. But while you’re on your way, you might want to stop by some of the lesser known places along Silang, Cavite to check out some natural homegrown products you can use for your house or as remedies.

Abundant Place

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the line of white drapes with shells and other capiz hanging outside by the street. If you’re wondering where Sonya’s garden gets their beautiful white capiz hanging around the garden, this is the place to find it! They actually sell the capiz at Sonya’s, but better if you go straight to Abundant Place in Silang, Cavite to get them at a cheaper price.

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