#danielaeats: la union

I’ve shared a few accounts before on La Union food, but during my last trip I was able to try some new dishes so I’m making an updated post for it here. I love to eat while I’m there, but while I indulge myself with my LU staples, I also try to explore new places and dishes in the area.

Flotsam and Jetsam’s Grilled Dorado Fish

It was my first time to try this dish in Flotsam and I was so happy I opted for the fish instead of my usual meat. The Dorado or Mahi-Mahi might look small, but it actually got me full and I didn’t have to order pica pica after (which was my initial plan thinking this wasn’t going to be enough). The fish was grilled right and was very tasty, and a side sauce, which added extra flavour to it, accompanied it. I’m just wondering if I was supposed to get fries with it or if they really took it out since other Dorado meals I’ve seen in Flotsam have fries.

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bits of: la union

My first time to visit LU was early in 2013 for the first Soul Surf. Ever since then I’ve been making several trips back, and I still continue to fall in love with it every time. There’s always comfort in knowing we’ll be going because I love just being in the beach, surfing once in a while, being surrounded by the people from there, eating my heart out, and basically just chilling all day and forgetting about time.

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