#danielaeats: a slice of something nice

I’ve been a little bit out of the loop because of work, a lot of eating (and a lot of working out to make up for it!), and a bit of travel. It’s been a while since I posted on #danielaeats, so I’d like to share with you something I’ve been eating ever since I was a little girl: A Slice of Something Nice.

Slice of Something Nice 1

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#danielaeats: les bagels

Yesterday’s brunch consisted of sweet and savoury cream cheese, delicious bagels and laughs over random conversations with new friends. The get-together happened in LES Bagels at the Podium, the most recently opened branch of the New York inspired deli and bakery, and my most recent favorite discovery. Their first branch opened in 2013 in Mckinley Hill, Taguig, but I was only able to try it for the first time yesterday. What a shame.

IMG_0235 - edited

IMG_0306 - edited

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