wellness | eats and drinks: gf df mexican tacos

I’m sharing the taco recipe and sources used for my Mexican taco night at home. This was first tried at my parents’ house, when my sister Chesca decided to have taco night. She knew of someone selling purely corn tacos, and from there looked up the recipe for sauces like the salsa verde. I tried to recreate it on my own (warning–it entails a lot of prep, best to get help!), but also changed it up a bit. There are no portions because I just estimated all ingredients on my own and tasted it as I prepped. Read through if you want to give it a shot.

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bits of tokyo: #danielaeats in tsukiji market

We arrived in the market past 9AM. When they say “be early in Tsukiji,” it’s to (a) witness the auction that happens at 4 or 5AM or (b) get in line for the freshest catch at the restaurants. It was a Tuesday, so the market wasn’t so full, and we comfortably made our way in. We were there with the plan to eat in a restaurant named Daiwa, which apparently is one of the more affordable, good restaurants in the market. Let me give you a glimpse of our 2-3 hour visit.


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#danielaeats: silantro, atc corporate center

What WAS the buzz? I heard of this Silantro Fil-Mex place to be a go-to for a lot of people from Kapitolyo, so I had to try it once it hit the southern shores (haha). For someone who works and lives down south (aka Alabang), it really is a burden to drive all the way up north just to eat. Unfortunately for me, about a load of must-visit restaurants are an hour (or more) away, so sometimes I really have to make the trip. Thank God Silantro made its way here!


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#danielaeats: la maripili

Right beside Salad Stop in Alabang Town Center Corporate Center is a pretty little churros shop that opened three months ago. Before this, the only place I would go for churros was Dulcinea. But since they no longer have this in the south, it would take a while before I could have some in Greenbelt. Thank God for La Maripili!

I immediately fell in love with the shop’s interiors: white and wood, rot iron, bulbs, intricate tiles, and mirrors, and the lighting–on fleek! Its front is mostly glass which lets in  natural light, giving the place its nice, moody vibe coupled with the restaurant’s yellow bulbs and industrial lamps.


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#danielaeats: locavore, BGC

It’s been a while since #danielaate. Well, there’s still been a lot of eating, just a lot less time to share and talk about it because of everything that’s been going on. But the other day I finally got to try one of the restaurants I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now, so I just had to make time to share. Locavore is finally in BGC! Since I rarely find myself in Kapitolyo, I never got the chance to try it out but heard countless good reviews about the place. Thank God the Filipino restaurant finally made its way to Bonifacio Global City, Forbes Town Center, just by the Tipsy Pig and Frank and Dean area. It opened last June 20 if I’m not mistaken. So when my brother wanted to celebrate his birthday, he brought us to the newly opened branch in The Fort.

We got there at 11:30AM, the time we thought it would open, but apparently it opens at 8:00AM. So by the time we arrived we already had to wait for a table. It didn’t take long before someone billed out so we just had enough time to look at the menu before we were seated.

The first thing that caught my eyes were  DINUGUANG LECHON AND KIMCHINIGANG. Dinuguan with Lechon and Kimchi in Sinigang?!

For starters we got a favorite, the Kinilaw Platter. For the platter, you could choose three of the four: Tuna, Tanigue, Shrimp or Oysters. We didn’t realize it would come in such small servings, but the cute serving size came in cute mason jars and were really delicious. The Tanigue tasted like the regular Kinilaw I usually have and the Tuna had this really good Mango sauce.

Kinilaw Platter Php 350

The Gabi chips and dip were also a hit in the table. Crunchy till the end of the meal and the sauce with a hint of spice.

Gabi Chips Php 135

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#danielaeats: il gallo nero

Tagaytay has always been a go-to for quick getaways. Whether with friends or family, the city outside Manila has its way of calming our minds and temporarily but not totally shutting out a good amount of regular life, distancing ourselves from the chaos. We may not be on a remote island where signal is totally off and we have no choice but to socialize face to face, but the slightly slower pace and quietness of being a little high up has the tendency to make us voluntarily put aside our phones. This vibe and numerous good places to eat never fails to make a good yet brief getaway.

One of the places my family and I almost never fail to go to when we’re there is Il Gallo Nero, an Italian restaurant just by the entrance of Royal Tagaytay. It’s a very small restaurant connected to Alfonso’s Hotel that could seat possibly thirty people comfortably. There’s an airconditioner available, but in all of my visits for dinner, it has never been turned on and the restaurant just relies on the cool breeze of its location. In front of it is just the road that leads to Royal Tagaytay Estates, and across the road, untouched land, so the place is void of excessive noise and is overflowing with the cool Tagaytay breeze. The perfect spot for some cold cuts and wine.

IMG_0620 - editedIMG_0634 - edited

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#danielaeats: les bagels

Yesterday’s brunch consisted of sweet and savoury cream cheese, delicious bagels and laughs over random conversations with new friends. The get-together happened in LES Bagels at the Podium, the most recently opened branch of the New York inspired deli and bakery, and my most recent favorite discovery. Their first branch opened in 2013 in Mckinley Hill, Taguig, but I was only able to try it for the first time yesterday. What a shame.

IMG_0235 - edited

IMG_0306 - edited

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