#danielaeats: ketchup food community and baguio craft brewery

I am home and missing Baguio’s cold air. It wasn’t too cold during the day so you could still put on some shorts or a dress and top it with a shawl or sweater, and the nights were cool and got us putting on some pants and two to three layers to keep us warm. I don’t remember the last time I had to layer for warmth but I sure did miss it.

During our three day stay, we had consumables at the Country Club so we ate most of our meals there, but we tried to insert a meal outside the club so I could get a taste of something different.

Ketchup Food Community

The last time I was in Baguio was probably sometime before 2009. I usually go with my family and relatives and we have our usual Barrio Fiesta and home (villa) cooked meals. This time I went with friends, and they insisted I try this Ketchup Community. Of course I thought it was some restaurant that served a bunch of dishes with ketchup different ways or had some sort of specialty ketchup, but it’s actually a small community with four to six restaurants in it—none of them, relating to ketchup. The restaurants I remember are Happy Tummy, Rancho and Canto.

Canto is known for its ribs so that’s where we went, but because someone also recommended we try the sisig from Rancho, Anton ordered it and had it brought to Canto. The Ketchup Community is fairly small so you can sit in any of the restaurants and order from another. They’ll serve it to you where you’re seated.

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