lessons in 2018


I’d like to share some lessons I’ve learned in the past two months. These lessons are for those who might actually be going through a phase, or for those who are very well and capable of making small changes in their lives for the better.

I’m at my weakest point now—physically. I’m in constant struggle to find peace with myself and my current condition. But through this phase I’m finding beauty in it all, one day at a time.

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simple things learned the hard way

I woke up feeling extra good this morning. It’s strange because the good mornings i’m familiar with consist of a gym session, good coffee, and knowing my full day’s plan. Something productive. I love having a plan for the day, and dead time always seems like a waste of time so I find things to do in between plans, like work or an errand.

Today I woke up on the last day of a long weekend with an empty day. And it felt amazing.

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welcome 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The busyness of the Christmas season got to me that I was only able to post before and after the festivities. The get-togethers, eating and drinking this year were overwhelming, and I’m fortunate enough to say that I had a really good Christmas and New Year, surrounded by my favorite people, food and drinks. One of my favorites in a very long time.

Now that it’s 2016, I’d like to start the year by making my lists of things to do more and less, just to get the year started right.


Travels. Crossing my fingers for Korea, Bali, Bangkok, Cambodia and Japan.
Firsts. Classes, seminars, events, job opportunities.
New friends. And rekindling old ones.
Adventures. Another mountain climb, diving certification. And maybe even sky diving?

Work. Projects and collaborations.
Reading. More books and useful information, less showbiz.
Blogging. About life, experiences, hobbies, interests. AND FOOD!
Saving. Going out to drink and eat less, wise spending, more shopping control.
Cooking. To work with more recipes and be more organised in the kitchen.
Photos. Take the time and effort to bring a camera around and not rely on my iPhone.
Good health choices. Less fast food, more greens, steaming and grilling.
Risks. Because I shouldn’t be delaying my dreams.



Impulsive buys. And maybe malling with no purpose.
Bumming. And work like I got a 9-5.
Judgement. Getting to know people on my own and not taking in others’ opinions of them.
Late nights. This might be a bit difficult, but the feeling of getting enough sleep is just amuhzing.

Here’s to a riskier, scarier and maybe more exciting year. Cheers!