#editoriallog: dreamy botanical luxe

Another haggard BTS coming your way, as manifested in my weirdly shaped, one-side-swept hair and tired eyes. After this shoot I was left with off-white, muddy Supergas and a cold. The weather this day was unforgiving, with intervals of sunshine and pouring rain, but this beautiful feature on Tricia Gosingtian and RG Gabunada still shined after the storm.

Jacqs Florals did an amazing job with the flowers. I absolutely loved the floral chandelier and the floral wall, which, by the way, is made of artificial flowers. The details, like the invite and napkin holders by Valerie Chua were also standout details in this feature. Even the dresses of Hannah Kong and suits from Signet were on fleek! The perfect combination for a fashionable couple like Tricia and RG.

See more of this editorial here.


Randolf Evan | Jacqs Florals | The Veranda at Bellarosa

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#editoriallog: stargazer

Sharing with you my bare-faced, tired look, saved by a little photo magic by Ryan of Blufish Photography. Despite the haggard look, this was one of the lightest, fun shoots we did because I got to work with a quirky bunch that made us laugh almost the whole day.

Michael Ruiz’s wall of lights was genius to bring out that starry night inspiration we wanted for this wedding theme. I also really loved the gold candles and gold Tiffany chairs. Think you can sport a bride look as bold as this? See more of our Starry Constellations Wedding here.


Blufish Photography | Michael Ruiz | Hanging Gardens

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#editoriallog: tropical colonial chic

This was day 3 of our 3-day editorial run–from Solaire to Hillcreek to Angelfields. We made our way down from Tagaytay and made a stop in Angelfields right along Silang to shoot our third editorial that week.

Angelfields is beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be so big, so peaceful, and surrounded by so much greenery and space. The birds freely fly and land wherever they please, with birdhouses available around to nest them. At a distance you hear the faint sound of dogs barking–the owner being a breeder; and on the other side you see his modern, quaint little home, with sheep walking around it. The swans on the lake make the place so romantic.

Jo Claravall’s setup was so dreamy–one of my favorite setups, actually. The big tropical leaves, the glass, and the leveled candles resembled something very close to how I imagine my own wedding setup to be. See more of this beauty in our Tropical Conial Chic editorial.


NYAPS | Jo Claravall | Angelfields

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#editoriallog: beach balinese beauty

While I’m waiting to get my photo from day 3 of our 3-day editorial shoot, let me share with you the shoot we worked on last June in Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa. I wrote about our wonderful experience here, which explains why this might be my most favorite one yet. The place was amazing, the theme beautiful and elegant, the suppliers so talented (and fun!), the weather cooperative, and the 3-day experience in the resort so relaxing despite having to do work. The highlight of my trip? The amazing massage after our long shoot day! Can’t wait to go back!

Check out our Balinese editorial here.


RV Mitra | Bluegrass Project | Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

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#editoriallog: fleek and fetch

Right after our Solaire shoot, we went straight to Hillcreek Gardens, Tagaytay. It was editorial number 2 of our 3-day editorial shoot. Those are 3 different shoots, with 3 different set of teams. I was so overwhelmed with the amazing people I got to work with for all. It was extremely tiring and the weather was bipolar, but being in beautiful venues with amazing wedding setups and suppliers just makes you forget about that.

This theme is more of the hipster, geometric type. It’s more playful than the usual themes we would do which I liked, with the unconventional suits and dark, sleek looks for our bride. I also super loved the gold geometric details and air plants!

ps. The second photo was just a stolen shot, also by Bryan.

Check out the full editorial here.


Bryan Venancio | Martina Bautista | Hillcreek Gardens

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Last week I was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best wedding photographers in the metro. Toto Villaruel and Marlon Capuyan put together Uncomplicate, a wedding workshop for budding wedding photographers who want to improve their craft and build a business. This is the third Uncomplicate wedding workshop they’ve put together, and we were about 20+ participants. I felt like the ultimate baby amongst the extra talented individuals.


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#editoriallog: love and luxe

My second #editoriallog was shot in one of the grandest rooms I’ve ever been to in Manila: Solaire Resort and Casino’s Chairman’s Villa. Bride and Breakfast was tasked to shoot a bridal editorial here, and we came up with Love and Luxe. So lucky to have been able to spend a whole day here and to work with such talented suppliers!

– the extremely big peonies on the table! They were bigger than my hand. And overflowing phalaenopsis.
– the marble design on the paper work by Printsonalities.
– the gowns! Look at those bows.
– the elegant boudoir.


Benjie Tiongco | Dave Sandoval | Solaire Resort and Casino

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#editoriallog: rima ostwani’s bridal cover shoot

The first editorial I handled in Bride and Breakfast was Rima Ostwani’s Bridal Cover Shoot.
I was so star-struck by the talented people I was working with, I felt I had to take home a souvenir. I thought to myself, “When will I ever get the chance to have Pat Dy take my photo in a Teddy Manuel setup? This is like a dream wedding!” And my #editoriallog was born.

For every shoot I handled since my first, I made sure to have my photo taken by the wedding photographer assigned to the shoot, in the setup done by the event stylist. Now that I’ve compiled a few and Bride and Breakfast has published some of these editorials, I can finally share them!


Pat Dy | Teddy Manuel |Shangri-La at The Fort

Watch out for the rest of my #editoriallog photos I’ll be posting soon! Just a warning: I may or may not look so fresh depending on the stress level.

Just kidding.

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