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I am a huge fan of makeup and girls who can manage to draw up a good brow. But sometimes the foundation, contouring, highlighting and lining just don’t cut it, and no matter how much makeup you put on, it isn’t enough to hide the blemishes, eyebags and unwanted marks on your skin. Sometimes I feel that girls who try to hide their marks with makeup might actually look better with the blemish showing through, and the layers of foundation and powder and primer just work against trying to look good.

I personally am guilty of this at times because I can’t stand to see pimples and allergies on my skin. Since I have eczema, I would occasionally have red hickey looking marks on the side of my face, my chest and on my back. I sometimes opt to wear lower necklines that reveal the marks and I (used to) try to hide it with a bit of foundation. I knew this was just going to make the situation worse, so I tried to find a way to fix it. Same goes with the blemishes on my face.

Here are my go-to’s when it comes to skin care

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nail salon: cosmoluxe

I love exploring different nail salons and finding good ones I can rely on for good service and relaxing vibe. My go-to’s are Coco Nail Salon along Don Jesus Boulevard in Alabang Hills and Tips and Toes in Westgate because they have good polish, good workmanship, clean salons and are peaceful and relaxing. I’ve also tried Dashing Diva in the Fort which I really liked, but since it’s far from my place I don’t really go there often.

The other day I tried out Cosmoluxe Nail and Beauty Studio because I couldn’t get a reservation in the other two. It’s located in #13 President’s Avenue Corner Rufino Avenue, Parañaque, just right outside Tahanan Village.

Before going I decided to check some reviews online and didn’t find much, but I saw their Facebook page and the workmanship looked okay in their photos so I tried it out.

Upon entering and seeing the place I was reminded of Coco Nail Studio so I got a little excited. The vibe and decors are similar to those of Coco, piano was playing in the background, and the salon looked clean and smelled good.

2016-01-13 15.28.09 - edited.jpg

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hidden bleach

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about my hair colour so I decided to write a short post about how I explained to my colourist the style I wanted for my first ever hair colouring experience.

I was getting bored with how I looked and different haircuts didn’t seem to change anything so I decided to do something different. I never coloured my hair before so you can only imagine the nerves.

In my head I pictured it to be a little ash-brown with light streaks to put some depth to it. But since I go to the beach a lot,  I was worried that the light streaks would turn orange. My colourist then suggested to bleach the streaks and overlap it with an ash brown close to my original hair colour.

2016-01-05 11.10.27 - edited

I also didn’t want the hassle of having to go to the salon so often to recolour and re-bleach the roots, so I had them keep a small part at the top of my head unbleached, and keep all light streaks under. The ash brown they place as the top coat isn’t so far from my original hair colour, so the roots aren’t that obvious and don’t need immediate retouching.

I’ve been to the beach several times since the colouring last October 2015 and the brown has lightened up bit. It now blends in better with the light streaks under.

In case you’d also like to try some colour for the first time, I suggest you go to a good salon even though it might be a little pricey. For this I went to South Salon (Ground Floor, Westgate Tower Investment Dr, Muntinlupa, 1780 Metro Manila). My go-to for hair colouring is Menchie Vicente.

polish: cuccio colour

At an early age I took interest in the girliest things: dresses, high heels, haircutting and nail cleaning and polishing.

I trimmed my sister’s hair with a pair of yellow clown scissors, got scolded for it and eventually praised because of the unexpected salon-worthy cut I was able to pull off. I also did a lot of hairstyles on myself and on my sisters (different tarantula looking braids and hair curls with the stem of plants). I also loved applying countless nail polish colours despite my dad’s strict instructions not to, tried taking them out with acetone once he saw it and ended up spilling it on the wooden floor turning it all white.

Up to this day I still love the girliest things, but now I am more careful and meticulous about the products that I use and salons I visit. Here I’d like to share with you some of my discoveries about products that I love and continue to use, and those I decide never to go back to again.

During the latter part of 2015 I discovered the beauty of light coloured nail polish. I used to hate it, thought it made my hands and feet look darker than it already is, so I avoided all light/pastel colours in the salon and always opted for red, black, or dark brown.

But for the new year i’m going for a new favourite.

2015-12-24 16.50.27- edited

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