one year

The original wedding date was July 31, 2020, but the day before the wedding, Anton had a fever. He played golf a few days leading up to the wedding, which he thinks caused his fever (yes i’m inserting that in this story), and on the 30th, we barely spoke because he was down. Given that it was a pandemic, we couldn’t take it lightly, so at around 8PM on July 30, I had to decide not to push through with it the next day. Anton was asleep and unaware that there was no more wedding happening until 2AM of the 31st. A few days later we found out he got dengue, not COVID.

We couldn’t move it to the week after because ECQ was reinstated, and so we had to wait for almost a month after to find a date. Once ECQ was lifted, we went for the first Friday we could find and got married August 28.

Like I said in the video, it’s really not the wedding we had in mind. We were missing a lot of people, didn’t have access to everything we would’ve wanted for the wedding (mismatched flowers, no fancy entourage looks, cutting off X number of heads from our suppliers’ teams, the list goes on). It was also quite a stressful time to do something like this so even if we were both excited to be married, there was also a lot of fear for safety. Despite everything, it is still my most favorite day ever.

Happy anniversary Anton! Even after almost 13 years of being together, being married to you for one year still feels so exciting and new. We are where we are meant to be.

Sharing some snippets from our happy day, with a mix of photos from our photographer Pearl Studios and some from family.


Video: Ian Celis | Photo: Pearl Studio | Bride’s Outfit: Mich Araullo | Bride’s Makeup: Iya Gueco | Bride’s Hair: Renz Lusterio | Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish | Reception: Cafe Voila

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