things other people do to make up for a bad day

The other day I asked my Instagram friends to share what things they did to make up for a bad day. I have days when I feel like I can’t pick myself up, so I wondered if I could learn a thing or two from others who went through those days, too. I got a few responses and reading them alone made me LOL. They’re honest, real answers from real people who experience down days just like I do.

So if you’re one of us, read on and get some tips from strangers to help turn your bad days around–trust me, some of them are helpful!


Artwork: No Down Days by Daniela Gamboa
A world full of everyone’s good vibes. 

Things that pick me up on a down day:

My favorite food
Drink–before. Fortunately and unfortunately I can’t do this anymore.
Write or share something online
Do something creative
Look at old photos
Re-watch a show or movie that makes me feel nostalgic

Things that others do on a down day:

Eat a bag of gummy worms
Sit still
Play with my dog
Mani-pedi, foot spa, massage
Watch Friends
Weed + music + cook
Listen to worship songs and turn the volume up
Workout + cupcake treat
Smoke the herb
Two hour massage
Play with my cat
Bond with my pen
Looks for poems
Go for a walk and listen to mantras
A quality cup of coffee
Watch an annoying vlog
Gym and bakes
Binge watch nonsense shows
Annoy a friend
Wear a killer outfit and look your best
My favorite meal + a nice long nap
Try on clothes I can’t afford and take photos – loved this one!
Eat Ferrero
Retail Therapy


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