people share what they’re thankful for


Yesterday I used the Instagram question in stories and asked my friends, “What are 3 things you are thankful for in the past week?” I was curious and wondered what it was that people were thankful for. I’ve also been tinkering with the thought of how to make social media like-able, less intimidating and more real. You see, I get the pressures that social media brings. I feel it. Lately I’ve been trying to “fast” from Instagram by using it later in the day. On some days, I use it as early as 9AM, but on others I start using it by 11AM or 5PM. It really depends on the state I’m in when I wake up. When I know i’m feeling a bit heavy and not motivated, the longer I stay away from it. If i’m feeling OK, I allow myself earlier time. Don’t get me wrong–I love social media. I live and breathe digital because of work. But the truth is you can drown in it and at times, let it consume you.

The small effort of Instagram fasting has done wonders to my days. Aside from me not feeling the pressures of life so early in the morning, I get more time to relax, pray, and do work without the noise of social media in my head. That time led me to think, what type of post would help my friends instead of show them just me, me and ME? I also remembered the production, Every Brilliant Thing, and realized that finding out what actually makes others happy–no matter how small–would be the best thing to learn and share with everyone.

I had the intention of sharing the responses only in stories, but after reading what people shared, I thought it deserved a post. I narrowed it down to 40 items.

Things people are thankful for: 

  1. Football
  2. A good morning routine
  3. Salad bowls
  4. Hardworking partners/husbands
  5. A chance to study again
  6. Loved ones
  7. Books
  8. Being able to work with a great team/hardworking employees
  9. The ocean
  10. Opportunities dressed as surprises
  11. Honest 2AM conversations
  12. Netflix + Food Panda
  13. Progress in his/her current job
  14. Time to manage a household
  15. Sisig with egg
  16. Time to play with his nephew
  17. Challenges 
  18. Progress in the health of a loved one
  19. Opportunities that come to help pay for an upcoming wedding
  20. Good movies
  21. Opportunities that allow her to make a small difference everyday
  22. Her dog
  23. Her daughter
  24. New golf clubs
  25. Progress in his housing project
  26. Access to good food
  27. Sleep
  28. Getting home earlier than usual
  29. People that lift her up
  30. An opportunity to paint again
  31. A supportive family
  32. Coffee by the beach
  33. Playing games with the person he loves
  34. Her mom
  35. God’s grace that gets her through life.
  36. Plana Forma in Alabang
  37. Busyness and productivity but not in an overwhelming and toxic way
  38. Pushing herself to get back on a treadmill
  39. Waking up everyday—the gift of new life
  40. Good health

If you find yourself lucky enough to have even some of these in your life, then know that you are blessed, and that these things are probably what other people are praying for everyday.

Thank you to everyone who took time to answer my Instagram story. You made my day, and now you’re probably making another reader of this post smile as well.

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