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My second visit to Bali deserved an Airbnb stay.  I went for a bachelorette, and we were about 10 people that had to share a house. We didn’t want to stay at a hotel, so we turned to Airbnb to find a place that could fit all 10 of us at an affordable price. Then I stumbled upon Charles and Ingrid’s place. The place was a rare find on Airbnb. And usually that means that the place is good, and almost always booked. Majority of the places I saw in the Kuta area for the number of people we were came out in the P9,000 and up range. But this beautiful place showed up, and it was around P6,000 a night. We booked it right away.

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My Airbnb standards aren’t so high. As long as the place is clean, smells good, has a good location and doesn’t have broken faucets/doors/cabinets, i’m good. So when I saw the photos of the place, I was really excited because it looked extra cute and cozy. Upon arriving, I was more than happy to see that it was exactly what I was expecting, and more.

What you need to know:

There are four air-conditioned bedrooms, around 2-3 people could comfortably fit in each, with one bed setup on the floor. But the Airbnb only really accepts a maximum of 10 people.

Beds are so comfortable and big, too. For the two main rooms, the beds face a big glass window that gives you a view of the pocket garden at the side of the house.


You know the Airbnb is awesome when the bathrooms are 100It was so clean and spacious, and I loved the outdoor design. There’s a heater, too.


It’s really a plus when the place is well decorated/designed. I love the aesthetic of Balinese design, so when I entered and saw how the place looked, I fell in love! It also felt so homey.



Kitchen can still be cleaned a bit more, but it wasn’t bad at all. Utensils and cooking materials were more or less complete. There was coffee and water, too. You’ll just have to buy the rest of your ingredients if you decide to cook.



While the two rooms were in the main house area by the kitchen, the other two bedrooms were across the pool–one leading up the stairs, the other one in a separate closed area.


The Airbnb came with a wonderful woman named Dayu. She came almost everyday to clean, and she cooked us Mie Goreng and a chicken dish. All we had to do was give her some money for ingredients, and she took care of going to the market and preparing the food for us. And the food was GREAT! The best part was coming home to leftovers after a long night of partying. Perfect munchies.


It was a bit rainy during our stay, but luckily the sun came out a few times.


The properties around our Airbnb seemed to be private villas. It was quiet and well-guarded by security. Once we got out to the main road, pretty much everything was walking distance. We were close to money changers, convenient stores, markets and boutique stores, and got to walk to some known places like Nalu Bowls, La Favela and Motel Mexicola.  You can also Uber it, but walking in Bali is such a treat because you get to see a lot of nice stores and discover more eating places.


We surprised our bride with a Sweet Escape session. We were suppose to head out to shoot around, but given that the weather was unpredictable, we decided to just shoot at the house. Thank God the sun came out, and that every area of the house was photogenic.



Photo by Sweet Escape

A lot of our time during this visit was unexpectedly spent at home. We bought drinks, played good music and just really enjoyed each others’ company. I think the main reason we didn’t mind staying in a lot was also because we enjoyed the place and felt very comfortable. If we had gotten a much smaller space, I think the itinerary would’ve turned out differently.

If you’re visiting Bali and are looking for a place for about 10 people around the Kuta area, this Airbnb is perfect. I promise you won’t regret it!

I love to travel and experience different Airbnbs in different places. Finding the right Airbnb can be daunting, and I’ve heard about unfortunate Airbnb experiences that have left people doubting the service. I have been fortunate enough not to experience any of these, and I’m more than happy to be able to share my experiences here (in case you decide to go to the areas i’ve been to and are looking for a place!) Read more about my Airbnb experiences here

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  1. Charles & ingrid

    Thanks so much Daniela for your kind review! What a great surprise ! It is always a great reward to host guests who value the efforts our whole team puts into making their vacation a unique experience with cherished moments. We will be happy to waive AirBnB fees for anyone booking with us directly through Depending on your stay, that will represent 5-15% off your Airbnb bill. Don’t hesitate to contact us! :o) All the best Daniela ! We hope to have the pleasure to host you again in a near future ! Charles & Ingrid


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