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ABNB Cover

To travel and explore different places and cultures is something many dream of doing. I think you’d agree with me when I say that it’s impossible for anyone to hate traveling. Whether it’s by car, boat or plane, knowing that you’ll be experiencing new things, seeing new places and learning new things is so exciting, and is an investment in yourself that anyone wouldn’t dare question. Some people might prefer the cold over tropical spots, while others prefer being by the water over mountains. Some people might also enjoy traveling and getting fancier experiences from different hotels and restaurants, while others enjoy the shabbier, roughing it out, hole-in-a-wall type of areas. Either way, there are pros and cons to the two different types of travel, and I personally enjoy doing both.

When I started working, one of my goals was really to be able to travel more. As a student the only places I got to visit were Boracay, Palawan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, but once the work life started, I was able to explore much more. Thanks to budget flights and Airbnb, traveling became so much easier. And it is from my recent travels that I fell in love with the idea of Airbnb, that I’ve become fascinated by the experience of staying in them.

What’s to love:

  • Each Airbnb is unique. The way it looks, what it provides, their process of doing things–each one is different depending on where you go.
Airbnb in Seoul, Korea. We stayed in Itaewon, and our Airbnb host MJ (left) brought Anton and I to a Korean restaurant nearby. We wanted to eat good Korean food.
ABNB Japan Asakusa
Airbnb in Tokyo, Japan. We had to move to a smaller place since we were only three at the latter part of the trip. We decided to get one in Nihonbashi area.
  • More self-service. Some Airbnbs have a cleaning schedule (where someone goes to clean the place), while others don’t. You come into the place with no one in it, no room service of any kind, so you have to do the basic things like grocery and some cleaning and maintainance while you’re staying there. You end up searching for grocery stores, markets, convenience stores and drug stores around your area, making you learn more about the place. Others might find this to be a burden (cause really, you’re suppose to be on vacation!), but personally I find it so enjoyable because it adds to the overall experience of a place, giving you a hint of what it feels like to be a local.
ABNB Japan Tokyo 3
My sister Chesca in our Tokyo, Japan Airbnb in Asakusabashi.
ABNB Osaka
My first meal in our Osaka, Japan Airbnb. We stayed in Shinsaibashi area. This was the first time I experienced staying in an Airbnb in 2015. We were drenched from the rain, and had to find the key of our Airbnb which was locked to a bike in the parking lot of the building we were staying in. My suitcase got wet, and so did some clothes. We were starving (it was almost midnight), and all drenched from the rain. We bought food and beer at a Family Mart near the building. It was the most satisfying convenience store meal I’ve ever had.
  • You have options. By options, I mean in terms of price points, level of experience, area, and type. The best part about this is that there are reasonably priced Airbnbs that are nice to stay in, but there are also more high-end, fancy ones that are extra extra nice, like Airbnb Plus. These Airbnbs become Plus because of the exceptional place and experience the hosts do for the guests. I just love the idea of it–someone designing a home so beautifully and making it extra special (like a true host) for strangers that are about to experience a new place. Others even have itinerary options for you to choose from, and can help you with activities around the area.
ABNB Tagaytay
The backyard of Breezy House, an Airbnb in Tagaytay.
Airbnb in Bangkok, Thailand. It was called the Little Guesthouse, and it had the cutest decor!
Airbnb in Seminyak, Bali. It came with an amazing cook, Dayu!

The dream today is to stay in and experience as much Airbnbs around the world, and to eventually own and manage my own. Just the idea of designing a whole space and thinking of cool, fun, gimmicks for someone else to experience excites me so much.

When I travel, I always stay in an Airbnb, except of course if it’s for work or a trip that I have no control of. I do love staying in hotels and resorts (and also noticing the little details of each), and I would never refuse an offer to experience one. But truth be told, when you’re traveling and working on a budget, Airbnbs are lifesavers, and really do have an effect on your overall experience in a place.  Once I got to experience it, I fell in love with the idea of the business and the experience as a whole. And because of this, I decided to share not only bits of new places I got the privilege of experiencing, but now, even the Airbnb experience. Read more about my Airbnb experiences here (a new category you’ll find on the right), and you might just be able to find a place to stay in on your next travel! Stay tuned.

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