new to nesting #3

This post isn’t about plants–well, kind of. Today I decided to share some home pegs that I’ve been looking at the past few weeks (okay, months!). My pegs are forever changing because I have so much appreciation for different styles, but there are a few details that are consistently present in the  home pegs that I like. Read more to get inspired!


Mirrors always tend to make spaces look bigger. The round one below I super love–it really softens the overall look of the place.


Majority of my walls are going to be white, but I definitely need an accent wall. This can be solid-colored, textured, or even made of bricks.


I love spaces that are simpler, and filled with furniture of earth tones + pops of color. I’d like to keep the walls more plain and let the furniture speak. This way it makes it easier to rearrange the setup when I get tired of its look.


Wrought iron banisters and nice rugs/carpets. And a tree! Which means I need a high ceiling.


Unique pieces that don’t necessarily match.


Big windows and brightness. I also like that arched entryway to the TV area.

Katherine Carter

That’s it for today! I haven’t gotten into the smaller details, like kitchenware, sofas, pillows, etc., but i’m making a board for it soon. Hope you enjoyed looking into bits of my little dream home.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the photos above, and these were just taken from Pinterest and laid out by me. Feel free to comment for credit and revisions will be made.

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