new to nesting #1

For Valentine’s Day I told Anton I didn’t want a bouquet. Instead, I requested for a plant. I wanted something for my room, something that lived longer, and something I could take care of. He put together my first real plant, Hal.


When I was young, I loved it when my mom would rearrange the house. Our house was small then, but with enough space to make different layouts to make it look new and fresh. It came in little by little: new carpets, reupholstering of the old sofas, an upgrade to the dining set. It was the gradual changes that made the place look exciting and alive.

On Saturdays, she would bring the gardener in to do some repotting and rearranging in the garden, and I would attempt to help out. If i’m not mistaken I was grade 3, the time I killed one of my fingernails to arrange a pot in the garden. Our gardener’s name was Arthur. When Arthur would come, my mom would make her way to Concha Cruz to check what new plants she could add. I tagged along once in a while.

The idea of home decor and design has been creeping up on me in the last few years. My Pinterest board was and still is an outlet, but it was only last year that I felt the same excitement as I did as a kid, when it comes to fixing the home. You see, my siblings and I never got our own rooms. Decorating our own space meant organizing the small desk space each of us had in the room. Everything else was shared, therefore untouched. When my sister got her own place, I finally got a room to myself and had the chance to decorate more than just my work space.

The day after I got Hal, I bought another plant. When I made a trip to Tagaytay, I bought two more, and the room rearranging began. From then on, I’ve become obsessed with trying to upgrade my room little by little, and decided I wanted to write about it more here. So for those who are also into anything about the home, new to nesting is the small space I’m putting here to write about my nesting adventures. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions too, as I am learning the small tidbits about home decor and care.


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