tuesday inspiration

More mood board inspiration coming! I actually made this a few weeks back and found time today to share it. On today’s board:

  • So into Ikebana right now.
  • Elegant low v-necklines.
  • Sleeves and ruffles and sheer!
  • Subdued pastels and neutrals.

In other news, I’m reorganizing myself so that I could find time to do more important things. Read on!

Dan's Board

Since the new year I’ve been finding ways to improve on my daily schedule so that I could make time to fill up this space. I always find myself starting my day at 5AM and ending before 11PM, yet still don’t have the time to do some important things, such as this. Yes, important, mainly because the worst thing that can happen to anyone in the creative/digital marketing industry is to feel like they’re in a rut. I love browsing through pages and making mood boards, and I love sharing them even more.

So here’s to hoping I stay dedicated to making time for this, and to staying inspired.

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