monday inspiration

Happy Monday!


Monday can be the hardest of all days. No matter how many Mondays we have in our life, we can never really avoid that Sunday night feeling before the week starts. Just the thought of getting back to work (even when you feel like you JUST started your weekend), preparing for a full week, facing certain problems at work or dealing with Monday mayhem on the road and in the parking lot, plus unexpected start-of-the-week hurdles can feel like a load that will make you dread heading to the office.

I never fail to have the Sunday blues, but I’ve learned to find small ways to deal with that distressing Monday feeling.

  • Morning gym–and extra early. I usually leave the house at 6AM for my morning gym, but on Mondays I leave a few minutes earlier. Believe me, it changes a whole lot. Since Mondays bring a different level of traffic and parking stress, leaving early spares me from that. I also get to the office earlier than usual, so I am able to start my day early, leaving room for the unplanned/unexpected work once the whole office starts to grind.
  • Decent Sunday sleep. Since Monday is my earliest day of the week, I always make sure that I sleep earlier on Sundays. That would mean by 10PM. Not actually as early as I’d hope. It’s a continuous struggle because I always end up sleeping 10:30-11PM.
  • Morning prayer. There’s nothing quite like starting the day with a peaceful mind.
  • Quick inspo browsing. It might be extra time for some, but going through Instagram, Pinterest, and a few websites in the morning helps get me through the day. It’s just something that gets me excited. Today I put together a mini board of my favorites from the Instagram account of @johannaortizofficial.
  • Breakfast. I cannot function without a good breakfast. And coffee.
  • Sometimes I like to listen to my morning playlist. This can be made up of the most random songs that make you happy, nostalgic, or whatever puts you in a good mood. Mine has a bit of The Cascades, Bee Gees, Loggins & Messina and Rod Stewart. Oldie morning music!

What’s your recipe to fight the Monday madness?

Hope you all have a good week ahead!

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