big day brews

Never in my life have I tried any dietary supplement or diet plan. I’ve always tried to fix my eating habits on my own, because I felt it’s something more doable in the long run and it doesn’t make me dependent. To some extent it has worked, but I have to admit that it’s not exactly the strictest, healthiest diet. I’ve seen a lot of these diet plans and meal replacements online, and I was always curious about them and if they actually really worked.

Lucky for me, I got the opportunity to try Big Day Brews, a natural weight loss regimen that contains just the right amount of nutrients your body needs. It’s fresh, delicious, and even has different flavor options to choose from that serve different purposes. The best part? Each person’s Big Day Brews purchase can actually help someone in need.


Learn more about it below.

The meal replacement comes in bottles. You can choose to order single bottles, three at a time, or for five days a week. You can also choose from six different flavors (Popeye’s is my favorite so far!), which serve different purposes (from energy boosting, to refreshing, protecting, and more).

I tried their five-day plan which is Php 240 a bottle, and chose five different flavors.


Truthfully, the bottle didn’t replace my whole meal. It did (1) make me eat less for that particular meal, and (2) let me take in more nutrients than what I would usually get in my regular meal. Like I said, I never really properly fixed my diet, but Big Day Brews just made it way easier and healthier for me. I also love how they deliver every bottle to your house on the day you’re suppose to take it. So you’re sure you’re getting something freshly made.

The Feeding Program

Yup, the brand is not only about feeding you, but feeding those in need. For every bottle that’s returned to them, you donate three seeds to their farm in Tanay, Rizal. All the harvest that comes from this farm goes to feeding undernourished families in that area. Isn’t that awesome? You stay healthy, learn to recycle, and also help feed those in need. So the more Big Day Brews for you, the more donations you can make to help others. Just make sure you return the bottle!

Learn more about Big Day Brews and their feeding program to get in all the healthy eating and helping.

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