#danielaeats: a slice of something nice

I’ve been a little bit out of the loop because of work, a lot of eating (and a lot of working out to make up for it!), and a bit of travel. It’s been a while since I posted on #danielaeats, so I’d like to share with you something I’ve been eating ever since I was a little girl: A Slice of Something Nice.

Slice of Something Nice 1

Banana Cake

Slice of Something Nice 3

This is my go-to in any place. Whether it’s Starbucks or another pasty shop with cakes, I find banana cake so comforting to eat with coffee. Maybe it’s because I’ve been having it all my life? From breakfast to baon for recess, every time there was leftover banana cake at home, I would always pack some for snacks–even up to this day.

This particular banana cake from A Slice of Something Nice is my basis of all banana cakes. It’s moist and so light, I could eat slice after slice in one sitting, up until my coffee is gone. I can have it for breakfast, my morning snack and even merienda, and I still wouldn’t be tired of it. Even after a few days in the ref, it’s still so good!

Chocolate Cake

Slice of Something Nice 4

I love chocolate cakes, but I am also very picky with it. I like it moist and not so sweet, but not necessarily always dark chocolate. I usually end up leaving icing aside when I eat chocolate cakes because they’re too sweet. But with this particular cake, I can easily devour the whole thing without leaving a trace. It has just the right amount of sweetness to it!

I also grew up with this one, and I’ve been having it for my birthday ever since I was a child. It would join my banana cake tupperware baon because I couldn’t resist the leftover. Today, I have it more with tea after a heavy meal. And then maybe a bit more with my coffee for merienda. Definitely a must try from this place!

A Slice of Something Nice has more than just banana cakes and chocolate cakes, but these two are my favorites. You can check more of their pastries here.

A Slice of Something Nice

Until next time #danielaeats!


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