fashion frustration

Every time there’s something I like but can’t have (or buy at that moment, at least), I (weirdly) find comfort in pinning them to my Pinterest boards, writing about them or reblogging them (during the Tumblr days). These platforms have become my source of inspiration and refuge for things that I want, especially for anything fashion related. Scrolling through my virtual closet makes me feel good, and sometimes helps take away or lessen the longing.

Behold, my recent cravings. I am much more an accessory person than I am a clothes person (love clothes still, of course). But I think accessories are easier to repeat and really can make an outfit.

I’ve been bugged by the Textured Stilettos from Charles and Keith for weeks now, that even if I know I can’t buy them at the moment, I enter every branch just to see if they’re still there. Last night I succumbed to their website and couldn’t help but gather photos of shoes I’ve been eyeing in their store.

Someone help take away the craving!


And just in case you’re wondering, no, this is not a sponsored post.

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