#editoriallog: tropical colonial chic

This was day 3 of our 3-day editorial run–from Solaire to Hillcreek to Angelfields. We made our way down from Tagaytay and made a stop in Angelfields right along Silang to shoot our third editorial that week.

Angelfields is beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be so big, so peaceful, and surrounded by so much greenery and space. The birds freely fly and land wherever they please, with birdhouses available around to nest them. At a distance you hear the faint sound of dogs barking–the owner being a breeder; and on the other side you see his modern, quaint little home, with sheep walking around it. The swans on the lake make the place so romantic.

Jo Claravall’s setup was so dreamy–one of my favorite setups, actually. The big tropical leaves, the glass, and the leveled candles resembled something very close to how I imagine my own wedding setup to be. See more of this beauty in our Tropical Conial Chic editorial.


NYAPS | Jo Claravall | Angelfields

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