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I just realized today that I never got to write about my Bangkok trip! Well, aside from Gaggan. It was a quick trip to this part of Thailand, so I have no extensive itinerary to share. But just in case you end up there soon, here are a few places I visited or tried that you might want to go to or visit as well.



The place we stayed in for the trip was really cute. The Littlest Guesthouse is an Airbnb house located in Sathorn, about an hour away from the airport. We found it a bit shady at first because it was located in a small street near the garbage (the only downside, having to pass this every time), but the place wasn’t bad at all. The house was really cute, really clean, and the owner + help, really nice. We were very happy.


It has 3 bedrooms with a bathroom each. Each room can hold around 4 people and is very spacious. There’s a small kitchen where you can cook, and a small holding area where you can leave your suitcase in case you need to leave your bags upon checking out while you roam the city before a late flight.


We rode the tuktuk only once or twice. Because it’s a novelty, you can expect that this would cost more than taking the train or a cab. But I had to try it, of course! Some of the drivers were nice and gave us pretty decent deals (we were around 4-5 in one tuktuk). Most of the time we travelled via BTS (the Skytrain).

Street Food

While some people aren’t very comfortable with street food, I on the other hand am not so picky. There were several stalls outside our Airbnb, under the BTS, and the woman located right by the stairs was cooking Pad Thai. Upon arriving, we all indulged in our first BKK meal. It was so delicious. The spice is just different there, and I love spicy food! None of us got a bad stomach.




The temples are very nice tourist spots to visit, but they’re also very hot. As respect, they don’t let anyone in sleeveless and shorts enter areas where Buddha is. They lend robes to cover up upon entering, which I personally am not very comfortable with; hence the blouse and pants. We walked around Wat Pho (The Temple of the Reclining Buddha) for less than an hour, opted to visit the Grand Palace nearby later on, but because of the number of people there that day and the heat, we decided not to go in.  Make sure to visit the temples though, they’re really nice and the prints and textures on the walls, so pretty!

Warning: some guys outside the temples might approach you and say that the temple is closed for some event and opens only in the afternoon. They’ll offer you another activity to do while waiting. Do not believe them. The temple is open.





This might just be my heaven. I’m a sucker for tiangges, good deals and random finds, so you can imagine how overwhelmed I was when we went. It was only there I found out that it was a weekend market–yup, none on the weekdays! Unfortunately. We wondered how the space was paid for since the market had more than 10 thousand stores and occupied a lot of area, but no customers on the weekdays.


And the food! My stomach was so torn–overwhelmed by the number of stores, I initially lost my appetite (which I didn’t realize after not eating lunch), but would eventually crave for whatever was grilling at the next stall. I got a taste of some pizza bread, orange juice, random meat sticks, and this delicious ice cream in buko. So refreshing!




Jim Thompson House

Take a quick tour of the house where you will learn Jim Thompson’s story, see his beautiful home (and beautiful antique), and find some Jim Thompson merchandise. According to my mom, there’s actually a Jim Thompson outlet where you can buy their merch for half the price they sell it outside. I didn’t get to go there, but better to do some research to get some of their items at really good deals.



This was one of my favorite meals in Bangkok. We walked it from our place which we realized later on was pretty far (if you are looking at Maps, some places that seem nearby are actually a bit of a walk), but it was worth it.


When we got to the place, the restaurant was full. After being rejected by the waiter, a small man came out, asked how many we were, and he led us in to the restaurant. We had one of the most delicious, entertaining meals. More of this on #danielaeats soon.

Iron Fairies

I enjoyed this bar a lot. It was dark and tight, but with good live jazz and good cocktails to drink. The best part was that the smoking area was at the third floor, so you could leave the place without smelling like second hand smoke. The place was small but high, with an interesting interior. Stop by the bar along Sukhumvit to see what I’m talking about. We also went to Beam and the bars/drinking areas around it, which was also pretty fun, but very similar to Manila. Revoluccion was also very nice. But since we went on a Sunday, the place was empty.

Iron Fairies

Khao San Road

More known as the famous backpackers street in BKK, this area is the place to go for tourists who want to party. It’s basically a street of bars blasting music, with a lot of alcohol and street food. You get different prices for drinks depending on where you buy, but if you’re just looking for cold beer, you can buy from the ones selling on the road for a good price. The bars are packed, the music loud, and the people overflowing to the streets. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to get in the bar unless you want something other than beer.

This is just a small portion of Bangkok I was able to explore. The city is much bigger than expected, and it definitely calls for another trip. It was a short but sweet 4 days. I have yet to eat more of their delicious food and visit more spots in their beautiful country!

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