Last week I was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best wedding photographers in the metro. Toto Villaruel and Marlon Capuyan put together Uncomplicate, a wedding workshop for budding wedding photographers who want to improve their craft and build a business. This is the third Uncomplicate wedding workshop they’ve put together, and we were about 20+ participants. I felt like the ultimate baby amongst the extra talented individuals.


There was a lot to learn in the two-day workshop with Toto and Marlon. A lot to learn about photography, making it a business and dealing with clients. Day 1 was a full day seminar about building a brand as a photographer, costing, and personal style, to art direction, gears, dealing with clients and how to book projects. Our second day was a mix of lecture and application.

While day 1’s lecture was in Acceler8 Makati, day 2 was held in The Black Roof, Tagaytay. Our practical had four stations with setups: reception, details, pre-nup, and ceremony. Each group was given 13 minutes to shoot the details of each setup, and even art direct the two couples–one in the ceremony and one in the pre-nup. We were five in the group, and we had to learn how to be the main shooter and the second shooter, take good photos, be careful not to bump all the props around, do a little styling and get all the details in 13 minutes. It was definitely a challenge for a first timer like me.


This was our first station. It was fun to shoot because there were 4 mini setups for this, so we didn’t really have problems bumping into each other. The styling by K. by Cunanan was also on point; everything was pretty as is, we didn’t need to do much styling or direction to get the photo we wanted.










For our second station, we went to the details. Here we had the bouquet, invitations, lace/veils, boutonnière and other paraphernalia for styling. Just by looking at the photos, you can already tell I had trouble with this. I struggled so much with styling (which I thought would be a breeze)! I look at wedding photos so often and thought i’d take inspiration from those I’ve seen, but when you’re rushing and have a bunch of papers and styling props in front of you, you get a little frazzled and end up with… literally a stack of papers with no arte at all!





Having to speak to our “clients” and direct them was a bit difficult at the start. Our group literally started this session with no words, with our models trying out some poses on their own. We had to remember that shooting couples for pre-nups meant shooting anyone, so we shouldn’t expect them to know how to model. The eyes, the head direction, the lips, the hands, the fingers, the legs–every single thing had to be directed.





The pre-nup warmed us up a little bit, but we still struggled directing our “clients” for the ceremony. I was pressured to get them to do something since none of us were talking, hence no good ceremony shots. I literally abandoned the setup and made them model against the back wall because I liked the concrete and the leaves.. You don’t even see the aisle!







Still quite far from how I want my photos to turn out, but it’s a start. The editing is a whole other story I need to work on, too.

So amazed with all the talented people I got to meet, learn from and work with for this workshop. Thank you Toto Villaruel, Marlon Capuyan, Nicolai Melicor and the rest of the team for taking time to share your talent. Thank you Bride and Breakfast for the opportunity!

Also, amazing job to all the talented suppliers who joined Uncomplicate 3!

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Byron Velasquez
Wardrobe Stylist: Aira Franco-Capistrano
Preps & Ceremony Stylist: Tipping Point Collective
Reception & Food Styling: K. by Cunanan
Invites : The Parchment Stories
Video : Cinemaworks
Venue: The Black Roof Ph
Rings : Denovo Diamonds
Bouquet: Vatel Manila
Gown: Teena Sabrina Tan
Suit: Paulo Lazaro
Bridal Car: Kombibs

Now, what new camera to buy?

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