#danielaeats: enderun’s 101

A few days ago I was invited to try out the new a-la-carte menu in 101. It was my first time there–first time in Enderun, actually–and I found it pretty cool that the school had a restaurant with working Enderun alumna/alumni. I got to dine with a few of them and they made my visit extra fun and interesting.


I’m not so familiar with their old menu, but I really enjoyed the new one I got to experience that night. I was given an appetizer, soup, two main courses and two desserts. The portions served to me were smaller than the regular to make room for me to try several dishes, but it was still a struggle trying to finish half of the servings I got. Once the first appetizer was given, I devoured the whole thing quickly not knowing that the dishes to follow would fill me up good. I kind of regretted this later on.

Scroll through the photos below to see how delicious dinner looked!

Saffron and Mushroom Soup – both very good and both heavy. I secretly wanted more Mushroom Soup.
Apahap – I enjoyed this a lot, especially with the capers on top.
Beef Tenderloin – Served with the perfect pink in the middle, and that foie gras steak (which you can get with additional Php 300). It was so deadly but delicious.
Ube Mont Blanc and Mango Desserts – loved the ube and the coconut in the Mango dessert, of course! I would recommend it for sharing because it’s a bit sweet, and also so you get a taste of more than one dessert.


Thanks for the really delicious treat 101!

Until next time #danielaeats!

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