#editoriallog: rima ostwani’s bridal cover shoot

The first editorial I handled in Bride and Breakfast was Rima Ostwani’s Bridal Cover Shoot.
I was so star-struck by the talented people I was working with, I felt I had to take home a souvenir. I thought to myself, “When will I ever get the chance to have Pat Dy take my photo in a Teddy Manuel setup? This is like a dream wedding!” And my #editoriallog was born.

For every shoot I handled since my first, I made sure to have my photo taken by the wedding photographer assigned to the shoot, in the setup done by the event stylist. Now that I’ve compiled a few and Bride and Breakfast has published some of these editorials, I can finally share them!


Pat Dy | Teddy Manuel |Shangri-La at The Fort

Watch out for the rest of my #editoriallog photos I’ll be posting soon! Just a warning: I may or may not look so fresh depending on the stress level.

Just kidding.

You can find the compilation of my #editoriallog under PROJECTS on the right.

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