bits of bohol: eskaya

A few days ago I was given the opportunity to give Bohol another visit. Although for work, I made sure to take advantage of the beautiful place, to take photos, enjoy the beach and unwind a little bit. How could you not when you’re in a place as breath-taking as Bohol, in a resort as stunning, grand and exclusive as Eskaya?





The Bride and Breakfast team was there for three days, mostly working, but we were able to enjoy the place before and after the shoot. We were assigned several villas (three people each), each having a private pool, a bed bigger than a king, an outdoor bathroom with a jacuzzi, and a beautiful Balinese interior, as the hotel is themed. It was so nice, our jaws literally dropped once we saw the place.

Private pool in each villa

The area is huge and extra peaceful, with a view you can never get tired of looking at. The sand, so white, and the sea, a clear body of blue. To get around you can just walk to different areas, but they have golf carts available for use and the staff can drive you to wherever you want to go.






There are so many areas you can hang out in and a lot of space you can use for events.


This is the view from one of their special villas.

Villa 4

View decks are also available by the garden so you can chill by the shore without getting sandy or wet.


We went on a tour and got a peek inside the presidential villa which is twice or thrice the size of a regular villa. The view here is the best, one of the highest areas of the resort, so you could really get a good look at the whole place and the ocean.



It even has a private view deck of its own that brings you down to the sea.


We spent one full day just working, moving around the different locations in the venue. All hands on deck from the team and the whole Eskaya crew. It was such a breeze working with everyone from there. Every time I or anyone in the team needed something, the Eskaya crew was there to assist. They made working there so fun and so convenient, and they even made sure we enjoyed and relaxed after. Can work be like this forever??

At the end of the busy day we all got massages (really, really good massages!). I almost passed on the massage to be able to unwind over drinks, but man that dry massage was heavenly. One hour was not enough.

The Spa reception


During our free time we took a dip in the pool and in the beach. Though a bit gloomy, we were really lucky the rain didn’t bother us so much (despite the forecast of thunderstorms!). It was so nice feeling like we had the whole place to ourselves. It’s so peaceful, the only thing you really hear is the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.


During dinner, the manager asked if we wanted to dine by the beach. Of course, we took the offer. It was a bit dark but we didn’t care, we were dining with sand on our feet with this romantic setup, with new friends and delicious food. It was hard to think we were there to work.


Not one post can do this place justice (a whole separate one coming up just on food). And of course, an exquisite editorial that will be on Bride and Breakfast soon. You have to see it! So. freaking. beautiful!

If you’re heading to Bohol soon and are looking for a premier place to stay in with good food and excellent service, and is a scenic, beautifully-made resort, you MUST check this place out. Places like these come with a price, but I tell you, it’s worth it!

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Barangay Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Tel: (+632) 576 – 3051 , (+632) 576 – 3082



4 thoughts on “bits of bohol: eskaya

    • danielamgamboa

      I have only seen Hennan from outside so I’m not sure. But Eskaya is much more exclusive (no outsiders not booked in the resort can access) and a bit more pricey. Service, food, cleanliness and beauty of the place–spectacular.


      • danielamgamboa

        I stayed in Bellevue just this summer and it was really good. The place is so nice and the food, good. Beach front is okay, better at South Palms to swim but service and rooms at Bellevue made our stay extra good. I also have a Bellevue review here in the blog under BITS OF: BELLEVUE.


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