#danielaeats: salad stop, alabang town center

Thank you Salad Stop, for making your way to Alabang! My sister is crazy about this place and I always wondered why. I finally got to try it the other day.


I like the interiors of this restaurant. Wood, grey “cement” walls (they’re actually just boards), clean white menu board, neutral fresh colors, clean illustrations, intricate grey tiles. I also like the silver bar on top of the counter where they hang their signs. Everything’s so simple and clean, and relaxing to the eyes.


My order (on my first visit) was the Tuna San. Seared Tuna with a Wasabi Honey Soy dressing (wasabi not so strong), some greens, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange. I got the salad bowl instead of the wrap which I thought wouldn’t be filling at all, but was actually good enough to keep me stuffed for the rest of the night. I really love seared tuna, so I enjoyed this salad a lot. The dressing was really good and was enough to cover every bite. The quantity of tuna is good, though some prefer to add more just to get extra meat in there. So far this is my favorite.

Tuna San Php 350

On my second visit, I tried the Hail Caesar salad bowl. It doesn’t come with grilled chicken so I had to add an extra Php 50 for them to put. It was really good and more filling than the Tuna San because of the dressing and the chicken.

Hail Caesar salad Php 260 + grilled chicken Php 50

Here’s the wrap version of the Hail Caesar.

Hail Caesar wrap Php 250

Is it expensive? Initially I thought a little bit. I don’t usually spend Php 260 – Php 350 on a salad only. I’ve also gotten salads from different restaurants that have bigger serving sizes than the ones here, for the same price. But if the price to pay for good, clean, healthy food is slightly higher than what I’m used to, I would say this is worth it.

Salad Stop

Alabang Town Center – Corporate Center

Until next time #danielaeats!

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