victory run

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this badly because of the high I got after the run, but I was waiting for the results to come out so I could include it. It was my first half marathon, which I thought I wasn’t going to finish well because (1) it’s a half, and (2) the heat in Manila is crazy (between 30-35C that day). Gun start was at 4:30AM, but being on the last wave delayed me by around 10-15 minutes. Sun was up by 5:15AM and I was roasting before the clock hit 6:00AM. The heat was almost unbearable, but I, along with 3,999 others made it to the finish line.

13178785_10154120285988363_6267845374462418085_n - edited
Photo: Pinoy Fitness

Thanks to these girls, I made it. I ended up running the whole 21k alone, but a few calls from them in between just encouraged me to keep on going. I lasted with one pack of the gels and no salts.

13282576_10153524539826434_1152592244_o - edited
Photo: Nike

13278104_10153524540626434_1481176393_n - edited

13236252_10153524540281434_1570612577_n - edited

Victory face for a victory run. And a bad tan line.

13277958_10153524541126434_42325356_n - edited

13289013_10153524540196434_1970164163_n - edited

One of my favorite details at the finish line (and in Commonwealth, SM Aura)–the Nike wall with all the runners’ names.

13293345_10153524540971434_1053354321_n - edited

13295371_10153524541091434_1658223151_n - edited

We ran Cavitex (Roxas Blvd. to Island Cove) so we decided to head straight to Fuego for our well-deserved chill and drinks session.

13285842_10153524539911434_64813335_n - edited

13295109_10153524540156434_1403553077_n - edited

And the results, sent in this pretty cool GIF with our name, number, and running time.


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