the two piece wonder

For the past few months I have been contemplating on buying gowns for upcoming weddings I have to attend this year. I’ve reused all the possible prom gowns here at home (we’re four girls and we’ve attended around four proms each) for other weddings, proms, and other formal events, and I thought it was time to finally give in to buying something new. But sometimes the thought of buying something for one time wear feels like a waste, so it kept me thinking, how should I go about five weddings without buying a gown for each? Enter the two piece wonder.

I decided to buy the materials myself, got pencil and paper and drew the simplest possible outfits that could be made in less than a week (crammed so hard I thought I wasn’t going to have anything to wear). I made all my outfits two pieces, top and bottom, so that I could switch around the tops with the bottoms and reuse some of them for formal and informal events.

I’m a little bit into the frufru-textured look now and was so tempted to make an even frufru-er top, but decided later on to keep it simple with a sequin crop so that I wouldn’t end up looking like the cake. My hair was left down and no accessories were used to just let the outfit speak for itself.

2016-03-05 18.04.59 - edited
Shangrila, The Fort

2016-03-05 23.58.26 - edited

For the wedding a week after, I decided to use the same skirt and use another sequin top with a different color and cut. Unfortunately, the top didn’t make the wedding date, so instead I used a simple white tube top for a last minute outfit saver.

To change the look a bit, I added a black choker and went for some curls to make up for the simple tube.

2016-03-15 18.16.22 - edited

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

So the next time you feel like you need to buy an outfit for one time use, try going for the two piece wonder and you’ll find yourself outfit ready for more than just one night. And if you can, do some of the work yourself. You’ll end up being more satisfied with an outfit you personally put together. You’ll even spend less than you would for a pair of Supergas!

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