#danielaeats: drive-by taco shop & outre


As part of my Aguirre resto sweep, I decided to try out the Drive By – Taco Shop. It’s a very small eating place located beside a huge G-Spot (car place that’s also a resto grill) so you might not immediately notice it while driving along Aguirre. It can only seat around eight people inside, and the rest of its tables are outside.

IMG_0046 - editedIMG_0048 - editedIMG_0054 - edited

The place is relatively affordable. Most of their items on the menu range from Php 100 – Php 250 and a few Php 300 ones, but since their servings are slightly small, you might want to order more than one taco/quesadilla/burrito/nachos. Don’t be fooled though, some of their small dishes are pretty filling.

This is their Chubby’s Homemade Minted Lime. Thea ordered this glass and I got to get a taste. I love citrus drinks with leaves in them, so this was a good one for me. Very refreshing.

IMG_0064 - edited
Chubby’s Homemade Minted Lime Php 60

Meet Thea, my ever reliable accomplice to all my eating escapades.

IMG_0067 - editedIMG_0069 - edited

Our orders: Beef Sirloin Steak Taco and Homemade Pork Chorizo Quesadilla for me, and Extra Spicy Pulled Beef for Thea.

The Beef Sirloin Steak Taco appeared to be slightly different than from what I was expecting. I was imagining it to have little steak cubes in the taco, but what I got was something that looked more like ground beef. It was still good, but I kinda wish the flavor was slightly stronger. It’s a good starter though since it’s not that heavy.

I had my Pork Chorizo quesadilla after and was even happier because it was extra good! The Chorizo was very flavorful and the cheese they had inside the quesadilla, very generous. To top it all off, their hot sauce, which they have on each table, so delicious and so so spicy. I wanted to take it home.

I tried Thea’s Extra Spicy Pulled Beef and it wasn’t spicy at all. It was just okay, maybe needed a bit more sauce inside (or maybe I just didn’t get enough in my bite). Still good though!

IMG_0088 - edited

IMG_0092 - edited
Beef Sirloin Steak Taco Php 110
IMG_0094 - edited
Homemade Pork Chorizo Quesadilla Php 130


After dinner we went to Outre for some liquid Nitrogen ice cream.

IMG_0117 - editedIMG_0121 - edited

It was my first time to have liquid Nitro ice cream and I found it pretty cool. They have these two big tanks of Nitrogen by the entrance that smoke up when they get from it. Once they put it in the mixer and the pieces start splattering out of the bowl, it looks like a smoking waterfall by the glass of their work space.

IMG_0126 - editedIMG_0129 - edited

Thea and I got the Milo Dinosaur for sharing. I’d say it’s good for two especially after a heavy meal. I wasn’t so sure about how the texture was going to be, but it’s actually similar to eating Pinkberry or some soft serve ice cream.

The Milo Dinosaur was really good, and the injection detail with some chocolate syrup in it made it look extra cool.  I liked that as I was going through the ice cream I was able to get some crunchy bits in it. Not so sure what it was, but it made eating it so much better. Definitely going back for this again!

IMG_0139 - edited
Milo Dinosaur Php 160

Outre regularly changes up their menu with new flavors every month. Better to drop by once in a while to get a taste of your favorites before they’re taken out, and a taste of their new ones as well!

DRIVE BY – Taco Shop 
4PM – 11PM Tuesdays-Sundays
167 Aguirre Avenue., BF Homes, Parañaque City
097 803 3663

169 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City

Until next time #danielaeats!

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