#danielaeats: spicy ilonggo chorizo

I have a new papak (meal without rice) favorite. Usually when my family and I drink together, we like to make papak on whatever we can find at home: cheese, jalapeno, cold cuts, nuts, chips, kinilaw, or some dip with crackers. It’s usually how we bond after a long day of work or when someone’s in need of a drink. So when I tried the Spicy Ilonggo Chorizo by Bite& Co., I was so excited to take it home because I knew my family would enjoy it as much as I did.

This chorizo recipe used to be one of those items you’d have at a friend’s house, enjoy it so much, but can’t have it anywhere else because it’s your friend’s lola’s secret family recipe that can’t be bought. Luckily it’s now available to the world, and you can take it home and have as much Chorizo as you want!

Tricia Espino, who makes and runs Bite & Co. from her home, now shares with everyone a long time family Chorizo recipe that originated from her Wawa (lola). It was a family merienda staple that their grandmother used to serve them with toasted pan de sal and quesong puti.

IMG_9735 - edited

The how to is simple: get a non-stick pan and just put the amount you plan on eating. Simply cook until it’s crispy and golden brown. No need to add oil.

IMG_9741 - edited

Serving. You can have it with anything! When Tricia served it to me we had it with pan de sal and Truffle cheese, Philadelphia cream cheese and then Tostitos. At home, I just had it with regular toasted loaf bread, regular Anchor cheese, Dutch herbed cheese and butter.

IMG_9779 - editedIMG_9785 - editedIMG_9768 - edited

The best is to top the bread with some Philadelphia cream cheese and dunk it on top of the Chorizo so that you get bits of the Chorizo on your bread plus some sinful but delicious juice.

IMG_9806 - edited

I place some herbed cheese on top of mine and eventually just munched on the cheese and Chorizo without the bread, just so that I could have more without getting so full. It’s so addicting especially because I love spicy food. The only thing missing? Beer!

You can choose from regular or spicy Chorizo for Php 400 and Php 410 respectively, each container having 560g of Chorizo each. Aside from having it for papak with bread, you can have it with rice, pasta, salad and even chips. The perfect thing to have at home especially when you’re having unexpected guests.

For orders:
0917 808 1741

Until next time #danielaeats!

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