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I am a huge fan of makeup and girls who can manage to draw up a good brow. But sometimes the foundation, contouring, highlighting and lining just don’t cut it, and no matter how much makeup you put on, it isn’t enough to hide the blemishes, eyebags and unwanted marks on your skin. Sometimes I feel that girls who try to hide their marks with makeup might actually look better with the blemish showing through, and the layers of foundation and powder and primer just work against trying to look good.

I personally am guilty of this at times because I can’t stand to see pimples and allergies on my skin. Since I have eczema, I would occasionally have red hickey looking marks on the side of my face, my chest and on my back. I sometimes opt to wear lower necklines that reveal the marks and I (used to) try to hide it with a bit of foundation. I knew this was just going to make the situation worse, so I tried to find a way to fix it. Same goes with the blemishes on my face.

Here are my go-to’s when it comes to skin care

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My go-to moisturizer because it’s very gentle on the skin. I get the blue for hydration which I use at night, and the orange one for suncare which I use during the day (it has SPF 15).

Their facial wash is actually also very good. I used it for a while before to clean my face and it makes my skin feel extra clean especially after a day with makeup on. I eventually transferred to another brand because my skin needed something a bit lighter for everyday use.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This is my most favorite facial care serum. I started out with a small sample bottle and fell in love with it. It’s actually quite pricey (around Php 5,000 for 30ml bottle) so I sometimes have to put off buying it, but it does wonders and I would buy it every chance I get. I put it on my face before going to bed, followed by my moisturizer. On days that I feel extra tired after a late night, I don’t feel ugly and my face isn’t dry or feeling saggy. It keeps my skin alive!

Premium Virgin Coconut Oil from G-Stuff

Another discovery that saved my life. VCO! I’ve been told so many times that this can do wonders to the skin, hair and overall health. It was only late last year that I started using it for my skin and oil pulling and it didn’t take a while before I started seeing results.

– I use VCO as moisturizer for my upper front and back part of my body, and regular Jergens lotion for my legs and arms. Why? Because like I said, my eczema usually flares up by my chest and back, and VCO has been the only thing that’s ever helped get rid of majority of my marks. Some are still there, but they no longer flare up.

– I also use VCO for oil pulling – upon waking up in the morning, I take a sip of it and swish it around my mouth for 10-15 minutes (ya, pretty long, but I swear you’ll get used to it). After swishing (not gargling!), I spit it out in the toilet and flush it down, then brush my teeth. Doing this takes out all the toxins in your mouth while you’re sleeping. After swishing, you’ll see all the gunk! It’s disgusting. Make sure you don’t swallow it.

Aside from oil pulling, others drink a few tablespoons of VCO a day which they say boosts the immune system, gives energy and helps with Alzheimers. I’ve drank it several times but personally I find it harder because the taste gets stuck in my mouth and I feel like gagging the whole day. I must say though that ever since I started with VCO last year, I haven’t gotten sick and my cough attacks aren’t bad at all. And the best part about using VCO is that it’s all natural!

I buy mine from G-Stuff for Php 1,500 for 4 litres. I’ve never tried VCO from the supermarket but I heard it’s all just the same and you could use any. Try it out!

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