#danielaeats: fat butchik’s & spin

My friends and I wanted to find a new drinking place around the BF area and after doing a little research, I found Fat Butchik’s to be one of the new places mentioned on Spot.ph. After looking through different photos and the prices, we were convinced to pay it a visit.

Fat Butchik’s

The restaurant is located at the rooftop of one of the buildings along El Grande. When I got there I found it to be so south, like a really chill, laid back and a comfortable place to drink. It was really cool that night, the guy singing was good, and the setup was simple but pretty. The smoke coming from the grill smelled delicious so it got me extra excited to eat.

IMG_9045 - editedIMG_9061 - edited

I ordered the Pork Belly as recommended by the waiter, and I also saw a photo of this dish in the Spot blog and it looked really good. My other friend ordered a skewer and we all shared the Truffle Parmesan Fries. We also wanted to order some of their starters but the waiter requested we cancel it since they ran out of supply.

The Truffle Parmesan Fries was a 45 minute wait. To be honest I was slightly moody at this point because I went to the place for a late dinner, starving, and ready to try out several dishes I could blog about. Wrong move to make since the food took extra long and a bunch of their dishes were not available.

Once it arrived, my friends and I picked at it quickly. It turned out to be extra disappointing because it didn’t have a hint of truffle in it, the parmesan was barely there, and the fries, overloaded with pepper. It wasn’t awful, we devoured it in less than five minutes, but since we ordered Truffle Parmesan Fries, we were expecting just that.

IMG_9063 - edited
Truffle Fries Php 150

My Pork Belly arrived even later, probably an hour and a half after ordering it. Once I saw my plate I was a bit confused because it didn’t look like the Pork Belly I saw in the picture online. I ate it anyway because I was starving. It was actually really good and smokey, the only problem was the amount of fat it had because it was way more than the meat itself.

IMG_9072 - edited
Pork Belly Php 180

It’s unfortunate that our first experience here wasn’t as good as we were expecting it to be, because after reading reviews and seeing the place, I felt that it could actually be a really big hit in the area. It was nice though that Butch, the owner, was very apologetic of the delay and personally approached the tables and apologized for the wait. He also mentioned to us while we were waiting that he’s expanding the place soon and will be adding a roof so that the rain wouldn’t bother, and once that happens I hope the service will improve as well. I really think the place could be something!

After Fat Butchik’s, we went a floor down for the bathroom. While waiting we smelled really good Salpicao and found that the place beside the comfort room was actually a bar.


I heard about this place from my dad but had no idea it was right below Fat Butchik’s. When you see it from the outside you’ll notice the nice wood but wouldn’t think the wall you’re staring at is actually part door. The lady sitting in front pushed it open and that’s how we found out where the entrance was.

The place is very small and looks like it can comfortably sit around twenty-five people. It’s a vinyl bar with craft beer and industrial design. How cool is that? Of course I went on a photo frenzy.

IMG_9116 - edited

I loved the details of the place, just like the lighting in the photo below.

IMG_9096 - editedIMG_9090 - editedIMG_9079 - editedIMG_9110 - editedIMG_9087 - editedIMG_9132 - editedIMG_9127 - editedIMG_9084 - editedIMG_9114 - editedWe didn’t get to try the food but we had the Cabron beer on tap and Deanston single malt which we all really enjoyed.

The vibe was really good, a nice place to listen to music and have good conversations over some craft beer or scotch. Our stay was pretty short because we were all tired, but I’m glad we ended up passing by. Definitely worth paying a second visit.

Fat Butchik’s (rooftop), Spin 2F
346 El Grande Street,BF Homes, Parañaque City

Until next time #danielaeats!


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