#danielaeats: hamada

Hamada has been in Baguio Country Club for years now but since it was my first time to try it last weekend, I want to show you bits of our meal in case you (like me), are late to the party.

We got two complementary appetizers, one crunchy maki and a simple salad.

2016-01-19 12.19.20 - edited
Crunchy Maki
2016-01-19 12.21.26 - edited

For my appetizer I ordered Maguro Maki. The fish was a little tiny compared to the rice portion so it was very filling.

2016-01-19 12.34.46 - edited
Maguro Maki Php 220-250

My friend ordered the sushi boat to share. The fish on this turned out to be slightly more dry than I expected. Still good though.

2016-01-19 12.28.57 - edited

When you choose to sit at the misono table, it just makes sense to order the Yamamori. We got three orders of this (if i’m not mistaken it’s about Php 2,400 each), an order being good for two.

It comes with a rice mixture of beef, egg, garlic, butter, some vegetables, and a talented cook who flips his cooking utensils and the rice bowl after having filled it up.

2016-01-19 12.45.53 - edited

2016-01-19 12.47.23 - edited

There were steak cubes and chicken too. Loved the meat, it was really good and the steak super soft, but each person in the table got a really small portion each. I liked though that the cook all asked us how we personally wanted our steak and cooked it accordingly.

2016-01-19 12.51.41 - edited


2016-01-19 12.56.11 - edited
The amount of steak and chicken each person got

We also had some salmon, shrimp and other vegetables with it.

2016-01-19 13.03.23 - edited

This is our cook. His name is Mario. He hasn’t had any bad burns from his job but has burned his eyebrows and a bit of his hair several times because of the wind that blows the flame towards him.

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Dessert. A refreshing bowl of fruits. The pineapples were a bit too sour for me but the rest of the bowl was still good.

2016-01-19 13.17.07 - edited

After the meal we had to walk it out so we went to Good Shepherd and Mines View. And just for kicks,

2016-01-19 18.56.28 - edited.jpg

Until next time #danielaeats!

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