why january, mondays and mornings are the best


We often despise the return of regular programming once the holiday celebrations are over. We experience the Monday blues weekly, dreading the early call times and having to make our way to work. Who wouldn’t, after a good weekend or holiday break of free time, binge eating and drinking, activities and get-togethers? It’s tough, but sometimes we fail to recognize the beauty of a new year, a new week and a new day, and an opportunity to start over and continue the beautiful struggle of trying to be a better you.

I know there’s a lot of crap that goes around “new year, new me,” but even though January 1 doesn’t have to come before we make a change, there’s a certain feeling of renewal and a chance to be better every time the new year comes. Whether or not we choose to admit that a part of us feels the urge to do something new or take on a new resolution, it still sheds some light on the possibility of change that others embrace and use as an opportunity to improve on oneself; same goes with having to wake up early the next day or start a new work week. It’s not so often you encounter someone so enthusiastic about waking up at 4:30-5:00 in the morning or waking up to Monday. It may take extra effort, but it is during these times that we should get excited to work on something new, meet someone we’ve never met before, post about thoughts we never chose to say out loud, dare to wear an outfit which is so unlike yourself but is actually truly you, start giving a damn about your health and hitting the gym despite the crazy eyes the gym rats might give to the newbie, or make that first step towards the business you say is your goal in the next five or ten years. I find that window of opportunity for a chance to do something new so important, and instead of dreading it, we should all try to look at it in a different light and learn to embrace it instead. It is during these moments that we set ourselves up for what’s to come and the disposition we choose to have at the start of the year, a week or a day, to help us get through life.

So while we are still slightly hungover from that last holiday break, approaching the weekend and ending the work week, give the possibility of opportunity of the new year, new week and new day some thought, and you might be able to go through life a little lighter, more inspired and determined to work on a better you.

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