design in construct

After making several site visits with Anton, I learned to enjoy being in the construction scene despite the heat and dust. Not only do I get to know his work, but I also get to find some of the most interesting designs in the materials and scraps around the site.

I fell in love with the rawness and randomness of combinations of materials put together that I otherwise wouldn’t think of doing. The distressed materials, uncontrived stacking of random things and geometric shapes also make for good references for future designs of anything, like artworks or furniture, and probably a clean wallpaper for my computer or iPhone (my wallpapers are pretty random).

2015-10-27 13.40.00 - edited2016-01-05 13.34.46 - edited

For every site visit now we both make an effort to take photos to add to the collection on the Instagram account @designinconstruct by Medavis Inc. Check it out and click follow if you’d like to see more of the raw beauty in construction sites.


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