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I’m know i’m late to the party, but it was my first time to try Wildflour yesterday. I decided to go for their famous Kimchi Rice since this is Wildflour’s most Instagrammed meal—in my feed at least. Korean is also my second favourite cuisine, so I was pretty excited for this.

2016-01-02 19.12.38 - edited
Kimchi Rice

I love spicy food so I enjoyed the dish a lot. The Kimchi taste wasn’t as strong as I was expecting it to be so at first I found it OK. Throughout my meal though I was pretty glad that it wasn’t, because otherwise I would’ve gotten sick of the flavour halfway through. The serving size was just right, enough meat and rice to fill you up, but it would be good to share with someone if you would like to try other dishes (or fill yourself up with their delicious bread and butter before the meal).

I got a bit of smoked Salmon on a cracker with some capers and other greens on top. It’s an appetizer for sharing, but since I got it by the end of the meal, the cracker was rather soggy. Still loved the Salmon though!

2016-01-02 19.30.28 - edited
Smoked Salmon
2016-01-02 19.13.51 - edited
Kimchi Rice and Salad

Other things I tried:

Salad – if i’m not mistaken this was Wild Mushroom or Baby Mixed Salad, and it came with different leaves, yummy white dressing and candied nuts. It was so refreshing and I really enjoyed the dressing!
Tomato Soup – the soup was sweeter than how I usually enjoy my Tomato soup, but it was still very delicious. After having my bread with butter, I enjoyed it even more with this soup.
California Burger – Anton and I also shared their California Burger (no photo) which came with a generous amount of fries. The burger was pretty small but since I had it with other dishes, the size was just right. I enjoyed the patty a lot and the juice oozing out of it made it extra good. Plus the fries makes up for the size!

And for dessert..

2016-01-02 20.11.11 - edited
Wildflour Sundae

The ice cream in this is from The Farmacy in the Fort. It usually comes with Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, but since they were out of Vanilla we got two Strawberries instead. I’m a chocolate person and I loved the one they served! It’s not exactly dark chocolate, but it wasn’t as sweet as your regular milk chocolate. The strawberry too wasn’t too sweet and it came with bits of the fruit which I really enjoyed.

Other things I tried:
Chocolate Cake – the serving size was huge, and it was a bit too heavy for me after having a full meal. Taste-wise though it was good and fudgy so a lot of people enjoyed it.
Pecan Pie – another must try dessert! I love nuts so I wished there were more nuts on it, but the crust of the pie was delicious and the chocolate had just the right amount of sweetness to it. Another one you might want to get for sharing.

My first Wildflour experience was how I expected it to be—good food with reasonable serving sizes, one of those restaurants where you get your money’s worth in flavour and quantity. The ambiance was also very pleasant and comfortable, and the service excellent. Pretty much the most important things to have in a restaurant. Definitely going back for more.

Until next time #danielaeats!

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